Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things has revolutionized the way businesses and industries work. Invaluable insights distillated from data provide the edge to cennectivity, efficiency, scalability, and cost-savings.

The combination of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, big data analytics, cyber security, HMI and SCADA, we keeep productivity and performance ever ahead.

What We Do

IIoT Solutions

  • Open Platform for system integration: industrial protocols and interface customization to integrate with any smart devices and system.
  • Data Integration: linking of different data inputs into a user-friendly presentation and make sense Dashboard reporting with process algorithm and logic of calculations.
  • Wireless data collection nodes and connectivity: remote monitoring solution breakthrough the distance limit of interfacing and connection to devices, instruments, and sensors.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Alarm: increases system uptimes.
  • System visualization: our servers running in system virtual machine offering High Availability system design.
  • Data Analytics: include the integration of Big Data Analysis and Video Analytics function.
  • Integration with Geographic Information System (GIS): enhance asset management and development planning.

Other Products & Services