Remote Terminal Unit

Willowglen 6500/7000 series RTU features telemetry and control functionality in a rugged and highly reliable package.

  • In House Design, Development & Customization Capability
  • Supports full suite of industry standard features such as IEC61131-3 programming language, multiple communication ports and protocol for interfacing to intelligent electronic device (IED), PLC and master SCADA software
  • Built-in Web-based configuration tools greatly reduce configuration and maintenance work.
  • Built-in SCADA applications, and network security features on multiple software layers starting from the OS kernel all the way to user application layer

Concept to Production Of RTU Modules

  • 1.Requirements
  • 2. Schematics Design
  • 3. PCB Layout
  • 4. OS/Firmware Application Development
  • 5. Prototyping
  • 6. Test & Certification
  • 7. Production
  • 8. RTU Modules

RTU Configuration

Scalable into large or small IO point count package. Suitable for indoor, outdoor installation and within harsh environment Cost effective for large-scale installation such as power distribution.

Small IO Point Count

Small/Medium IO Point Count

Medium IO Point Count

Large IO Point Count

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