Multi-Platform Graphical interface To Monitor Your System Anytime, Anywhere

WillowLynx HMI is designed with high performance 3D graphics. It allows your operators to easily and intuitively navigate through the process mimics.

TouchLynx is WillowLynx’s platform independent web HMI system that provides users with a gateway to view real time SCADA data through internet/intranet, anywhere and anytime. TouchLynx is built on top of WillowLynx SCADA system, hence no additional configuration work is needed. It provides users an add-on web access facility to the same set of data.

Open & Scalable Architecture

WillowLynx HMI is based on an open system architecture and supports multi-platform. Servers can run in Windows, Solaris, Linux while HMIs can run in Windows and Linux. This allows for true scalability and high performance accommodated through a flexible client/server architecture and modular software approach that can be easily extended when your application needs expansion.

Each server/client can be configured to run different tasks according to its role.

Alarm & Event Management

WillowLynx offers an effective alarming and event management environment with extensive sorting and filtering options based on severity, time, type, tag, etc. Alarms and events can be viewed and managed from operator workstations as well as today's smart phones and tablet devices.

Some of the features that enable you to manage your alarms effectively are:

  • Event summaries (manual set/control inhibit/alarm inhibit etc.)
  • Rate-of-change, threshold limit, not refreshed, chattering alarms
  • Alarm acknowledgement (manual/automatic/SMS)
  • Alarm Filtering
  • Suppression, delaying and repeating of alarms
  • Multi tone audible alarms
  • Alarm views on smart phones and tablet devices
  • Notification of alarms through E-mail and SMS services
  • Export of alarm views and database in CSV format
  • Drag and drop from alarm to graphics page
Graphical Programming Language (GPL)

Another important feature of WillowLynx is the GPL facility, which lets users construct control logic without worrying about the syntax of conventional programming. Development time is greatly reduced and maintenance work simplified. It adheres to the IEC 61131-3 standard, supporting both Ladder Diagram and Structured Text languages. With advanced debugging features and a scheduler for event or time-triggered program execution, GPL makes programming a breeze for engineers.

System Hardening

WillowLynx has built-in system hardening features that ensure only authorized and genuine users can operate and control the system at the right place and right time such as: 

  • User role and area-in-charge
  • Password aging
  • Strong password
  • Second password/authentication for critical operations
  • Integrate seamlessly to Microsoft's Active Directory or any LDAP servers
Audit Trail

WillowLynx has built-in auditing, which allows administrators to easily see who did what on the system and when they did it.

  • Track when and by whom the changes were made
  • Search and filter changes
  • Comment on event
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

WillowLynx supports SSL technology to ensure communication data is protected. By combining application security with system hardening and a well-designed network architecture, cybersecurity risks can be effectively mitigated.

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